Cleaver Survey: Results from Our August Survey

October 3rd, 2017

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being absolutely disapprove and 10 being absolutely approve, how satisfied are you with Donald Trump’s presidency thus far?

Average: 1.81

2. Which of these current issues do you follow most closely in the national news?

54% Racism and the violence in Charlottesville
15% The strength of our economy and availability of jobs
18% Terrorism in the U.S. and abroad
13% Global Warming and Climate Change

3. Which of these current local issues do you most closely follow?

22% Campaign for new KCI Airport Terminal
38% Crime in and around Kansas City
23% Access to healthcare
16% Minimum wage legislation

4. Which source do you most often use to receive national news?

20% Public Radio
26% TV Stations (nightly network and local news)
30% Cable News Stations (CNN/Fox/MSNBC)
1% Talk Radio
7% Social Media
16% Online News Sites

5. Which source do you most often use to receive local news?

16% Public Radio
61% TV Stations
2% Talk Radio
8% Social Media
13% Online News Sites

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