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Associated Press: Biden flexes 2020 muscle with new Black Caucus endorsements

Cleaver praised the former vice president’s experience and said he gives Democrats a chance even in states Missouri that moved decidedly to Trump in 2016. “I told him, ’If you are the nominee, you have to campaign everywhere; you cannot surrender any geography to Mr. Trump,” Cleaver said, recalling a recent conversation he had with Biden. “He assured me he will not do that.” Read More

KSHB-TV: Rep. Cleaver`s frustrations show during house debate

U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D - MO) did the legislative equivalent of "dropping the mic" Tuesday in the House of Representatives chamber. The extraordinary action came as legislators continued debate over a resolution that would condemn tweets made last weekend by President Trump, which even some Republicans called ``inappropriate.`` Read More

Kansas City Star: Op-Ed: Shutdown reality: Facts versus myths in the debate over immigration

When I arrived in our nation’s capital 14 years ago, I learned that one quickly becomes well-versed in the Washingtonian dialect of “spin” — a practice that can be defined as presenting facts in the most persuasive light possible. A more nefarious description is propaganda. When debating policy, individuals use the facts necessary to present their argument in the most attractive way. But central to any debate that can bring a meaningful outcome is the presentation of evidence-based facts. Read More

From Our Blog

BPC Action Applauds Cleaver for Efforts at “Making Congress Work Better”

BPC Action, along with the “Fix Congress” coalition ran an ad in The Independence Examiner thanking Congressman Cleaver for his efforts to improve Congress on the Modernization Committee and encouraging continued great work.

Extreme partisanship is tearing our country apart

Friends, Extreme partisanship is tearing our country apart, and today I decided that we’ve all had more than enough. This afternoon, I was presiding over the House floor debate on a resolution to condemn the President’s comments over the weekend. When Republicans moved to strike Speaker Pelosi’s statement that our President’s tweets were racist from […]

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