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World Series Causes a Rift Among House Democrats

We know how much Representative Nancy Pelosi of California loves baseball. She often sports the orange and black of the San Francisco Giants during the season and has been spotted at more than a few playoff games.

But the upstart Kansas City Royals have their own Democratic superfan: Representative Emanuel Cleaver II, who is in his fifth term from Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District and who owns six of the team’s jerseys. He can recite the Royals roster and has been to countless games, including all three home games of the Royals’ last World Series, in 1985.

On Tuesday, his Twitter followers were told of a pending “important announcement.” Hours later, he posted a video of himself decked out in Royals gear and taunting the House minority leader: “Ring around the rosie, it’s time to beat Pelosi.” (The two have a friendly bet involving San Francisco chocolates and Kansas City barbecue.)

Tickets in Kansas City are so hot that Mr. Cleaver was able to snag seats only for Game 6. He said he would watch earlier games “on television and prepare to receive my candy from Nancy Pelosi.”

“I don’t want to be a good winner,” he added. “I wanna rub it in.”