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Kansas City`s American Jazz Museum Should Belong To The Entire City, Officials Say

Financial woes at the American Jazz Museum aren`t sitting well with city and state officials.

"I`m concerned, like a lot of other people, about what`s going on," says Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver. "I don`t think we ought to ignore this, ignore the problems, or dismiss them lightly."

Over Memorial Day weekend, attendance at the museum`s inaugural Kansas City Jazz and Heritage Festival was disappointing. When it came time to pay the bills, 10 musicians, including eight from the Kansas City metro area, were issued checks that bounced. ...

Cleaver, who was instrumental in redeveloping the 18th and Vine Jazz District, says that is not the public perception.

“The American Jazz Museum is viewed as a 3rd District museum, or project, or attraction," Cleaver says. "And nothing else in the city is viewed that way."