Extreme partisanship is tearing our country apart

July 16th, 2019


Extreme partisanship is tearing our country apart, and today I decided that we’ve all had more than enough.

This afternoon, I was presiding over the House floor debate on a resolution to condemn the President’s comments over the weekend. When Republicans moved to strike Speaker Pelosi’s statement that our President’s tweets were racist from the record, it was painfully obvious that they were more concerned with escalating than actually doing any real work for the American people.

That’s why I threw down my gavel, dropped the mic, and left the House floor. The American people deserve a Congress that will work for them.

Add your name if you agree that the American people deserve a Congress more interested in what’s best for American families than destructive partisan squabbling!

Our failure to display civility is preventing Congress from getting anything done, and we can no longer tolerate such rancor.

We simply must be better than this. Sign here if you agree.

Thank you for all that you do.

Emanuel Cleaver